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1/25______ name is Robert.

2/25They _____ from Spain.

3/25What do you do? I’m _____ student.

4/25Peter _____ at seven o’clock.

5/25We don’t have _____ butter.

6/25Those shoes are very _____ .

7/25It is a busy, _____ city.

8/25I _____ in an armchair at the moment.

9/25My brother is older _____ me.

10/25Their car is _____ biggest on the road.

11/25They _____ at home yesterday.

12/25 I _____ there for a long time.

13/25Do you _____ classical or rock music?

14/25He has _____ breakfast.

15/25The _____ have seen it before.

16/25 _____ is very good exercise.

17/25They _____ pay for the tickets.

18/25 _____ old is their car?

19/25Stephen _____ to visit his parents.

20/25 They won’t come, _____ they?

21/25I like this song. _____ do I

22/25They are going _____ in America next month.

23/25This is the cinema _____ we saw the film.

24/25Have you ever _____ in a jazz band?

25/25 Can you tell me the way _____ ?